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Certified Organic Black Beans Flakes, Kosher


  • About this item

    • BLACK BEAN FLAKES – Organic Black Bean Flakes are a rich and flavorful ingredient used in many dishes. The black bean is part of the Phaseolus vulgaris species. They are also known as black turtle beans and are commonly mixed in soups, salads, and dips worldwide.
    • VERSATILE AND SAVORY – This product adds a punch to any bland menu. Whether utilized as granules, flakes, or sprinkles, black bean flakes don’t disappoint, and give any dish a new twist. Add some to your favorite dishes such as soups, dips, salads, and burritos. When used with water, milk, or cream, black bean flakes act as a thickener.
    • ROBUST, SWEET, AND EARTHY FLAVOR – black bean flakes have a subtle yet sweet and earthy tone. Their soft texture can be rehydrated if you want to use them as a base or thickener.
    • SUSTAINABLY GROWN IN THE U.S. AND EUROPE – Our black bean flakes are grown and processed in both the United States and Europe. There are no artificial chemicals or additives used at any stage of the growing process. These black bean flakes are Kosher and cultivated to preserve peak flavor.

Product description

Black Bean Flakes are a rich and flavorful ingredient used in numerous dishes worldwide. Their sharp aroma accents soups, salads, and dips. They add excitement to any bland menu as granules, flakes or sprinkles. You can re-hydrate them in no time for use in soups as a base or thickener.

Grown and harvested in ideal environmental conditions, our black-bean flakes are 100% organic, Kosher, and non-irradiated. Enjoy them in a wide range of cuisines!

Best uses: Soups, dips, burritos, salads, hummus, tacos, quesadillas


  • 1 pound bulk bag (16 ounces)
  • Organic certified, Kosher certified, non-irradiated
  • High-quality, dried black-bean flakes
  • Accents many soups, salads, and dips


  • Organic black beans
  • Salt

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