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Intertape Polymer Group VT315 VersaTape Underwater Tape 3-Inch x 15-Feet


  • 3 inch x 15 yd underwater tape
  • Durable and moisture resistant
  • Bonds to surfaces underwater and out of water

Product description

Product Description

VersaTape is an extra heavy duty patch and repair tapes that can be applied on wet (underwater) or dry surfaces. VersaTape is ideal for use on gutters, galvanized pipe, poly sheeting, PE fuel hoses, vinyl siding, aluminum, copper, glass, wood and foam, among other surfaces. Formulated for long life cycles, VersaTape will not oxidize over time, crack or harden and the flexible seal will adjust with natural movements.

From the Manufacturer

IPG manufactures a broad range of packaging products and systems that reflect the needs of both its industrial and retail customers. These include one of the largest offerings of tape available: pressure sensitive and water-activated, carton-sealing, masking, filament, flatback, cloth/duct, double-coated, high performance specialty, electrical, automotive, and HVAC tapes. Additional products include shrink film and stretch film as well as carton-sealing equipment, ink jet printing systems and labeling systems.

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Color White
Mounting Type Door Mount
Brand KeySmart
Item Dimensions LxWxH 0.75 x 0.65 x 0.65 inches

About this item

  • GET RID OF YOUR OLD, DUSTY KEY RACK: Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when you hang your keys from this modern magnetic key rack, doing double duty with your light switch.
  • NEVER LOSE YOUR KEYS AGAIN: With a light switch next to every door of your house, you will always have a convenient spot to hang your keys from.
  • USES SUPER STRONG NEODYMIUM MAGNETS THAT HOLD UP TO 3 POUNDS: The magnets in the KeyCatch Sticky are so strong that you don’t have to worry about your keys dropping or dangling and scratching the wall.
  • ASSEMBLY IN UNDER A MINUTE: No handyman needed. Just peel off the 3M tape and apply your KeyCatch Sticky to the bottom of any light switch or any surface you want to hang your metal accessories and you’re done.
  • WON’T ERASE ANYTHING MAGNETIC: The magnet is powerful, but not powerful enough to destroy your electronic key fob or remote entry car key.


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